August 10, 2018



How do I arrange a quote?

It is easy to arrange for a free home quote just call or email and we will get back to you requesting a time and day 

When should I make a booking for a house move? 

This will depend on if it is a purchase or a rental move if a purchase it would normally be when the exchange of contract this is when you have a definite date 

Can you dismantle and reassemble?

Yes this should be discussed at the home survey stage and will be added to the quote.  If for any reason you need something done on the day please discuss this with us.  Time permitting this can be done at an extra charge

do you offer a packing service 

yes we offer a full packing service and would normally be done the day before the move date /completion date 

tips when packing

remember when packing keep one box for personal items ,sentimental items, last minute items that may be needed for your first night in your new home, screws for beds and any other items that you have dismantled, tv remotes, phone & tablet chargers, passport , any important paperwork you may need, medication this should travel with you for safe keeping

please be mindful when packing boxes we suggest for the kitchen and books use a medium size box this will avoid over weight boxes if theres still room in the box add tea towels from the kitchen or other soft items to use the full box but not over weight